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Code of Conduct

Because Collegiate Shag is a type of swing dancing, switching partners in between songs is inherently part of the culture. It is highly uncommon to only dance with one partner, as is the case in more classically orientated forms of dancing. Because leads and follows switch a lot, is it necessary to be clear about some ground rules during lessons.

We believe dancing should be a fun and inclusive activity for everybody. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment in the classroom, whatever the nature. Although physical contact is necessary to communicate during the dance, this does not mean that you are free to touch your partner inappropriately. If we feel that participant is unfit to stay in the classroom because of concerns we are free to deny you admission to the lesson without refund.

We also would like to ask our dancers to be aware of their body, as shagdancing is a form of active dance. We recommend our dancers to wear some kind of sportswear, as well as dance shoes. If you do not have dance shoes, sneakers (that do not cause a lot of friction on the dancefloor) with a flat sole will suffice. If you know you sweat a lot we ask you to bring deodorant and a towel, just in case.

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